Does Hair Dye Kill Lice and Their Eggs

Are you frustrated by the lice that live happily in your head, or may be you are still looking for ways to get rid of them? Head lice can live in the individual’s head either children or adults. They found in children’s head, but as the frequent contact with adults, head lice will be easily transmitted to adults head as well.

It is natural that many people are looking for alternative ways to get rid of these parasites, the most popular way is to use hair dye.

Hair dye is certainly a useful discovery for people who have different colored hair, but does hair dye kill lice as well as how effective this treatment? Before answering the question, it would be useful if we know the life cycle of a louse and how it may affect the treatment.

The Life Cycle of a Louse

Head lice begin to reproduce on day 16 to 19. According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), a female louse can lay 3-8 nits each day, two days after mating and for the next 16 days or so before they die.

The Nits have tiny in size, located in the hair shaft as well as resembling dandruff, and it takes six to nine days for nits to hatch into nymphs and seven days for the nymph to grow into an adult louse.

Head lice live from the nutrients from your blood, so that lice can live for about 30 days since hatching, but lice cannot survive for long outside your scalp because they have to suck your blood several times a day. Head lice have a very short life, and breaking the cycle is the key to getting rid of them.

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Head lice do not have wings or knee, so they cannot fly or jump from head to head. The only way they spread is the occurrence of direct contact between head to head, and it happens when children play along, or when adults play along with their kids.

Animals do not transmit head lice, and they cannot survive in any environment but in the human head, because it is the only place they can live.

The Symptoms of Head Lice

The main symptom caused by head lice is persistent itching around the area warmer on the head, which is behind the ear, the crown and back of the neck, but there are some cases where a person does not itch at all.

If you find nits attached to someone’s hair shaft, it can be ascertained that he was exposed to a case of head lice. Head lice stay close to the scalp and nits are usually attached with glue-like substance and can survive well, making it difficult for you to pick nits from the hair shaft with bare fingers.

Does Dying Your Hair Kill Lice and Nits

Back to the question does hair dye kill lice and their eggs? Yes it does, however you should know that it is not clinically proven treatment, but only as a home remedy that is useful in some cases.

Basically, hair dyes mimics the Neuro toxin, which can kill head lice with a fully developed nervous system.

If we look at the life cycle of a louse, the nervous system began to grow after two days of nits laid on the hair shaft, in other words, the hair dye will not get rid of lice and nits from your head completely.

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Only the adult lice and nits with a fully developed nervous system that can be eliminated by hair dyes. But there is no denying that the hair dye can help reduce lice on the head, although there is the possibility of infestation will be back in no time.

For one or two weeks after you apply hair dye, itching and crawling might be eased, but once the nits hatch, the disruption will continue. It is because head lice can reproduce rapidly in a short time so that it may say that hair dye is only offers temporary relieve to this case.

How Suppose Using Hair Dye to Kill Lice

You can apply hair dye if you are looking for a solution to relieve irritation caused by lice. Be careful, since not all brands can work to kill the adult head lice. Choose the one containing high level of ammonia and alcohol.

According to the American Cancer Society, some of the chemicals used in hair dye are carcinogenic. Avoid the use of hair dye on the head of children since their scalp is more prone to allergic reactions.

Thus, the use of hair dye as a temporary measure to eliminate the infestation should be the last option for you.

Prevention Tips for Head Lice

There are some tips that you can do for preventing the head lice, including,

  • Tie your hair up, if you have long hair, plait or braid is the best form to control your long hair. The use of hair spray also allowed to keep your hair well-ordered.
  • Wear a hat to protect your hair from direct contact with other heads. This applies to owners of long or short hair.
  • Make a head lice spray that can be sprayed onto your hair or hat, you can create a fluid spray made from essential oils which disliked by head lice, such as tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium and lavender.
  • Follow the course of treatment as instructed, because there is no treatment that can kill head lice and their eggs in one go. You need to repeat the treatment as if the live head lice die, the eggs will hatch soon after. Therefore, make sure to repeat the treatment before they are old enough to reproduce, approximately 7-10 days is a good day for this case.
  • Inspect yourself and your spouse from lice. This is intended to avoid the transmission of lice on your child to yourself, because kids tend to draw their faces and heads up close to their parents head.

Remember, head lice can survive in immersion for 6 hours, because they can live without breathing in the water for that long. So the use of regular shampoo will not help to get rid of head lice.

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Now you understand the question of does hair dye kill lice, yes it does, but not entirely. You can get rid of head lice with other options such as anti-lice lotions and shampoos that you can use and buy from local a drug store.

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