How to Make Your Face Less Oily Throughout the Day

You have oily face that always brings you into the same problem over and over again, but do you want to know how to make your face less oily? When talking to someone and you realize yourself that your face is very oily, you would feel uncomfortable because your skin looks shiny.

To overcome the problem that make you worry, you can try using the following easy steps that can be used to make your face less oily, all you have to do is persistent in doing the step to reduce excess oil on your skin.

The Reasons Behind Appearance of Oily Face

There are various reasons for the emergence of oily face, foremost of course caused by genetic factors. However, some of the following reasons also affect the condition of oily face.

  1. Hormonal Change

  2. Hormonal changes that can be seen is puberty. This is a period that must be passed by most teenagers. Puberty affects the hormonal changes in adolescents, so it is common for teenagers to experience oily skin as a part of their lives.

  3. Menstrual Period

  4. Hormonal changes which experienced by most women is when she gets into the menstrual period. This period can trigger excess oil production on the face. Their skin will be sensitive and produce more oil on the face.

  5. Health Treatments

  6. Some treatments involving chemical substances can trigger excessive oil production on the face, but the research for this needs to be followed for ascertain whether such treatment cause oily face.

  7. Stress

  8. Stress and fatigue can trigger the production of excess oil on the skin, because these conditions also lead to emotions and hormonal changes in the body.

How to Make Your Face Less Oily Using Simple Natural Tips

You can apply some natural tips to make your face less oily; they were chosen to help people with similar problems around the greasy and oily face. Simply take one facial treatment that is convenient for you and stick with the treatment, until the oil on your face is reduced.

  1. Alcohol

  2. Prepare a piece of clean cotton swab and put a few drops of alcohol in it. You can use the cotton swab to wipe your face and get rid of impurities and oil residue from your skin.

    This method can be considered as a rapid treatment for oily skin, because when dirt and oil residue is gone, your skin is clean and bright.

  3. Dryer Sheet

  4. Take a dryer sheet or a soft towel and rub your face gently once out of the shower, this method can reduce the production of excess oil on your skin.

  5. Blotting Tissues

  6. The blotting tissues can control you oily face. Purchase blotting tissues on a beauty shop and apply a blotting tissue on your face when you feel that your skin secrete excess oil.

    The use of clean oil blotting sheets found to be very efficient on the greasy face, and they do not clog pores, and you can see your skin is free of oil after using several sheets of blotting.

  7. Baking Soda

  8. Try the following oily facial treatment if you have an extremely oily face. Prepare a little water and baking soda, mix both ingredients and stir to form a paste.

    Apply the paste all over your face and wait for about 10 minutes, then rinse your face with lukewarm water. Protect your skin by applying Witch Hazel on your face; this way may turn your face smooth and free of oil.

  9. Egg Whites

  10. If you have eggs in your kitchen, you can take advantage of the egg whites to make your face less oily. They have the ability for absorbing excess oil on the skin also contain high Vitamin ‘A’ naturally.

    Combine some egg whites with a freshly squeezed orange juice. Apply all over your face and leave it for approximately 10 minutes, then rinse with water or better to use lukewarm water. Perform this routine once a week.

  11. Egg Yolks

  12. Perhaps you do not realize that the egg yolk can be used for making your face less oily as well. All you need to do is separate the egg yolks and use as a facial mask.

    Dab your face with egg yolk and leave for a few minutes, then wash your face with clean water. You may not like its fishy smell, but you should know that the egg yolk can reduce excess oil on your face because it is drying out the skin.

  13. Facial Scrubs

  14. One effective way to reduce greasy skin is the scrub; you can concoct a homemade scrub made of honey and sugar. A mixture of sugar and honey is suitable to apply on your face.

    Sugar exfoliates your skin naturally while the honey provides the moisture on your face. Avoid scrub on your face frequently as they may dry out your skin and cause further skin problems.

  15. Facial Wash

  16. Washing your face regularly can help reducing oil buildup on your skin. Wash off your face twice a day, the night before bed and once you wake up in the morning.

    Excess oil can result in the appearance of acne on the face, thus use products that are specifically made for oily skin and also prevent blemishes appearance on face.

  17. Moisturizer

  18. Keep your skin stays clean and hydrated, apply a light moisturizer before you go to bed so that the pores of your face reduces oil production.

    You can use a light moisturizer during the day as well. Apply a light moisturizer on your face and dab Sheer Powder on top of it. This may keep the moisture in your skin maintained when you are doing activities during the day. Do not forget to clean your face when returning home.


The natural tips and remedies above are appropriate as a treatment to reduce and make your face less oily, the selection of natural remedies are the safest option as they spared from chemical substances that harm to your facial skin.

Don’t forget to avoid stress and fatigue, doing a meditation as you start your day may help in maintaining your health as well as your skin.

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Although there is some moisturizer you should buy at the beauty shop, you must ensure the moisturizing ingredients is safe for your face. Hopefully, those natural remedies can make your skin more radiant and clear.

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