Effective Home Remedies for a Cold and Cough

During winter season, we may face a common problem, and it is called a common cold. And the truth is, there is no cure for it. There is no vaccine either.

What causes the common cold? Various types of viruses are the causes of common cold. When they are attacking your body, your immune system fights them immediately. In doing so, it causes nasal congestion, sneezing, cough etc.

Depending on the strength of your immune system, the common cold goes away on its own after a few days. However, during that time, you may suffer from headaches, tiredness, sore nose, difficulty in breathing and other symptoms that can ruin your days.

Home Remedies for a Cold

With the assistance from a few magical home remedies, you will be amazed to find out that they can ease the symptoms of a common cold and make you more comfortable. Here are a few of them.

  1. Steam for a Cold

  2. Boil some water and inhale the steam from it. It can clear your congested nose and give you some relief. It can also help your throat. However, be careful while steaming and don’t let the heat burn your face or nose. The common cold effects are more pronounced in dry environments.

    On the other hand, humidity can prove to be helpful. One humidifier in your room can reduce nasal congestion and makes breathing more comfortable. For best results, add some drops of eucalyptus oil to the water you put in the humidifier.

  3. Blow Your Nose

  4. It is important that you blow your nose and remove the germ-carrying phlegm during the common cold symptoms. It will not only help your breathing but also help your immune system to fight the common cold and treat you faster.

    However, make sure you do it gently. Don’t put too much force on your nose while blowing it, otherwise; it can lead to pain in your ears.

  5. Salty Water for a Cold

  6. Put some iodine salt in a glass of water and boil it. Then cool it until it is just warm. Gargling with this water is very helpful in treating respiratory infections and sore throat.

    It provides sufficient fluid to the tissues of your throat and prevents pain and swelling. It can also loosen the mucus and clear your nose easier.

  7. Chicken Soup for a Cold

  8. Chicken soup has been used during common cold for many generations. Recent research indicates that it is very useful during cold symptoms and improves recovery. A hot steamy chicken soup with vegetable helps loosen up the mucus and clear your nose.

  9. Ginger Tea for a Cold

  10. Ginger known for centuries for its amazing health benefits. Put it in the boiling water while preparing tea. The ginger tea thus prepared is not only delicious to drink but also prevent any problems occurring due to the common cold. It is very helpful in treating nasal inflammation and a sore throat.

  11. Honey for a Cold

  12. While preparing tea, put some honey along with lemon into it. This is an excellent formula for reducing the pain in throat and especially cough.

    Not only this, but honey also strengthens the immune system and helps it in fighting harmful bacteria. Therefore, your immune system can fight the cold-causing virus and make your recovery faster.

  13. Garlic for a Cold

  14. Garlic contains allicin that protects you from harmful bacteria and infections. If you include it in your diet during the winter season, you can save yourself from the common cold. On the other hand, if you already have the cold symptoms, it gives you relief from nausea.

  15. Hot Bathing for a Cold

  16. A hot bath is not only soothing but also reduces the body aches due to cold symptoms. It also helps in breaking the fever in case you have it.

    However, be careful to stay warm in the blanket and have rest for a while after taking the bath. If you go outside shortly after the bath, it can make your condition because after the bath your body is at a higher temperature, and it is not in the position to protect itself from cold air.

  17. Give More Time to Sleep

  18. When you have caught a cold, it affects your breathing, so that the oxygen does not supply your body optimally, resulting in headaches and fatigues.

    The levels of energy from your body is going down in such situations. You need energy not only for your daily activities but also for recovery. So, taking some rest and staying warm help you for faster recovery because your immune system can use more energy to fight the virus.

  19. Red Onion Syrup for a Cold

  20. Red onions commonly processed into a homemade syrup and used to provide relief for those suffering from colds. Simply provide red onion, honey or brown sugar. Firstly, prepare 2-3 red onion and slices of horizontally.

    Put into a bowl and add raw honey to it. Allow to stand for 12-15 hours after you close the bowl. Open the lid and you’ll find a viscous liquid like syrup. Take one tablespoon of syrup, two or three times a day until your cold subsided.

  21. Pepper for a Cold

  22. Pepper is rich in capsaicin compound that helps thin the mucus that causes colds. Additionally, pepper is also one of the natural treatments available for a variety of cold symptoms.

    Simply put the black pepper into your daily meals when you are suffering from a cold, or you can smell the pepper throughout the day in cases when you cannot eat or drink pepper. Alternatively, you can gargle with a glass of warm water plus a teaspoon of black pepper.

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The cure for the common cold is not known yet, but once you have it, you can help yourself stay comfortable using above-mentioned home remedies.

It is important to note that some remedies work better for you than others and vice versa. You should know about your body and use the remedies that work best for you.

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