Top 12 Proven Black Tea Health Benefits that You Should Know

Tea is the highest consumed beverage in the world after water. About 158 million people drink tea every day in the USA alone. It is available in different varieties. Among them, black tea is very famous. Most people drink tea for the caffeine and energy it provides, but it has a lot more health benefits too. This article will tell you about them.

Various kinds of health benefits of black tea have been recognized throughout the world. Black tea comes from the plant called Camellia Sinensis, and most people prefer black tea than green tea, which both types of tea are distinguished by the way they processed.

Is Black Tea Good for You?

Black tea produced from the fermentation and oxidation processes, it gives flavor, unique color and health benefits that have been accepted widely by most people.

Black tea contains high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols, it also contains sodium, protein and carbohydrates, but only in minimal amounts. Besides black tea also works to improve the function of blood vessels which does not work properly.

What are The Black Tea Health Benefits?

As you read earlier, known black tea is good for health, including lowering bad cholesterol, improve concentration, treat digestive problems, improve blood circulation, cure diarrhea, overcome tooth decay, reduce high blood pressure, and cure asthma. Among the health benefits of black tea will be explained in more detail below.

  1. Good for Digestion

  2. Healthy digestion system is a must for the overall health of a person. Black tea can improve its health. It contains tannins and other types of useful chemicals that are essential for your intestines and stomach.

    Many diarrhea patients are often advised to drink black tea. It is also good in case of gastric disorders due to its anti-inflammatory qualities. But it is advisable not to drink black tea immediately after lunch and dinner.

  3. Good for Asthma Patients

  4. Asthma patients often have problems with proper breathing. But hot black tea can provide some relief to them. It is helpful in expanding the air passage to facilitate easy breathing. That is why asthma patients are recommended to drink black tea every day.

  5. Healthy Bones

  6. Bone density decreases with age and can result in weakness. The possibility of fracture is also increased. Black tea contains phytochemicals that are very beneficial for bone health.

    It is also helpful in preventing Arthritis disease and keeping your bones stronger. According to research, continuous consumption of black tea for years can improve BMD (bone mineral density) which is a commonly used parameter for measuring bone health.

  7. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

  8. Black tea is found to be very helpful in controlling bad cholesterol levels. It is also beneficial in case of coronary artery dysfunctions. Many studies indicate that regular consumption of black tea can prevent many cardiovascular and heart problems. Three to four cups a day is suggested to be optimum.

  9. Stress Relief

  10. In this modern fast paced life we all feel stressful very often. A cup of black tea can relieve your stress. It contains L-theanine amino acids that are known to have a relaxing effect. They also help you concentrate better on your work.

    When you are in stress, a hormone called cortisol (stress hormone) increases in your body. The prolonged effects of high levels of cortisol are very unhealthy. But black tea quickly controls the increased cortisol levels and improves your mood after a long stressful day.

  11. Stronger Immune System

  12. The strong immune system is necessary for a healthy day to day life and to save you from various illnesses. Black tea contains alkylamine antigens and tannins. These chemicals improve your immunity and fight viruses and harmful bacteria that cause various diseases and infections. So black tea also boosts your immunity.

  13. High Energy Levels

  14. Drinks like coffee that have high caffeine content provide you energy but can also over stimulate the heart. So you may face sleeplessness if you consume too much coffee.

    But black tea consists of the moderate amount of caffeine that enhances blood flow to the brain and makes you energetic but at the same time does not over stimulate the heart. It also improves energy flow in the vital systems like metabolism, respiratory system, and kidneys.

  15. Reduced Risk of Diabetes

  16. Diabetes is the disease in which blood sugar levels increase and production of insulin is reduced. Black tea is found to prevent diabetes. It has powerful polysaccharides that are helpful in absorbing blood sugar.

    So it is also helpful to people who already have diabetes. Research indicates that the countries like Britain and Ireland where most of the people drink black tea on a regular basis have the lowest number of diabetic patients.

  17. Quick Recovery after Physical Workouts

  18. Your muscles get tired after working out in the gym or doing any physical activity. Black tea can help you to recover faster. It has the antioxidants called theaflavins that are very helpful in the recovery of from muscle soreness caused due to high intensity workouts. So make sure to have a cup of black tea after coming back from the gym.

  19. Prevents Breast Cancer Development

  20. Drinking tea on a regular basis, either black or green helps to prevent the growth of breast cancer in women. During the woman’s menstrual period, the tea will encourage an increase of globulin hormones in the body, the hormone that comes from the group of proteins that are used to produce antibodies.

    While the content of theaflavins in black tea will eradicate abnormal cells in the body, before they turn into cancerous cells or create more damage.

  21. Reduce High Cholesterol

  22. If you love to drink black tea, then you have helped yourself in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. In which bad cholesterol plays a role in stroke and heart disease, so that people who drink black tea regularly have a lower risk for heart disease than those who rarely or not drink black tea at all.

  23. Oral Health Improvement

  24. The content of polyphenols in black tea help eradicate harmful bacteria, therefore drinking black tea also maintain healthy teeth and reduces the buildup of plaque in the mouth.


Drinking three to four cups of black tea can contribute a lot towards your health. It is a healthy beverage but as mentioned earlier you should avoid drinking tea immediately after lunch and dinner. It can slow down the digestion process.

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